A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Mariam, Leyla, Rasheed and Tareq are names that are forever etched in my heart and mind. I will not say how great the book is. Neither will I say the writer did a great job. No.
Some things are just too extraordinary that its prominence goes without saying.
Most books end on the last page.
A few just stay, lingering around you, haunting you with bittersweet memories, casting different light and shade on everything you see and feel afterwards.
It’s almost like I’m having a love-hate relationship with this book.


First of all, the beautifully flawed characters in the story speak will speak to you in a way that you can feel their presence around you. You fell so much and deep for them that it’s almost scary. Then there are all the issues that go around their world, and how they manage to get on with their lives despite all the trials.

I have to admit that I have actually bought this several years ago and somewhat, never managed to pick it up to read it. And then it just happened one day, and I find myself carrying it everywhere (seriously!).
Of course, I finished reading it in no time, but the memories and after-thoughts were extremely painful. The pain and sorrow felt by Mariam and Leyla, all the promises and betrayals they endure in the name of love and life is an eternal continuity.

The story ends with some lives lost, and love found, and thankfully, some hope for the remaining characters in the novel.

Personally, I find the story to be very intense and deserves all the applauds it has got. Then there is this beautiful thing called “hope” which the author managed to embed successfully throughout the story, and I just love the title of the novel, with its meaning explained at one point in the story.

What more can I say?
None. Like I mentioned earlier, some things are just too extraordinary that its prominence goes without saying.


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