So people celebrate anniversaries for various reasons and occasions. Some do it in style, some go to extra mile. Enough said, we celebrated ours last week. Wedding anniversary, that is.
It was a weekday, and the idea of taking the day off never occurred to us. Fine dining too,was never a choice. Not that we are against it,but just the whole idea of kicking up so much time and effort for a dinner session does not appeal to me,and my other half. Given the choice,i would opt for Chinese takeaway anytime ( and on that day ).
What we did after the dinner was the best part of the day. We decided to spend some “quality” time (and money,of course) at a game centre. Not your average one,but this place is becoming a trendy spot for many,especially for those team building activities, etc..
The Escape Room, like the name suggests, is a place where you will have to solve some puzzles and escape from the room, eventually. It is like those games you play on your gadgets, but imagine being in the game,looking for the clues high and low,finding keys and deciphering secret codes,all in 45 minutes.
Needless to say,we had fun,plentiful. We picked CSI Room( yes,crime scene investigation), thinking it would be
easy-peasy. Come on, I have been following the series since the beginning ; I ought to be good in this..
What was i thinking? Not only we failed,but we failed MISERABLY !!B-)
But then again,we really had fun. And we got ourselves a Polaroid picture depicting us as losers. That was fun too. Really.
To do something so fun and enjoyable on a special day, with that special someone is stunningly wonderful, and to me,it tops that fine dining session on any given day.


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