Malaysian Kek Batik- my version

So I did my very own version of the famous Malaysian Kek Batik yesterday. Now, why did I call it as my own version? Well, when I looked up for the recipe on the net, there were literally hundreds,if not thousands of them, posted online by fellow bloggers and food lovers. So I went through them, and came up with my own version, with items suiting my taste,and readily available in my kitchen. But rest assured, nothing’s that from Uranus , or digged up from a dead volcano site.
Ok, let’s move on to the actual recipe:

1 cup of cocoa powder
1/2 cup of MILO powder ( or any chocolate drink powder of your choice)
1/2 of sugar , please use more if you have sweet tooth. I don’t.
1 cup of evaporated/ condensed milk..depending on how sweet you want your cake to be.
2 eggs, beaten
125g butter, cut/cubed/ you get the idea
20-30 pieces of Marie biscuits.
A dash of coffee powder

Now most recipes call for water instead of milk, and more of chocolate drink powder compared to pure cocoa powder. Also, rumor has it that more and more people are using salted/cheese crackers instead of good old Marie biscuits; ideally to balance up the taste of whatever they are trying to make. I could neither imagine nor digest that. No offense.

Moving on ( again) to the recipe, break the biscuits and keep them aside. Using double boiler method (not sure if the term is correct, but it is what we do to cook chocolate without direct heat from the stove to avoid burning them), mix in the cocoa powder, MILO,coffee powder,sugar and milk, and stir them gently on low heat. Then add in the butter cubes, more stir. Finally, add the eggs slowly into the mixture and keep stirring, DO NOT STOP STIRRING AS YOU DONT WANT TO COOK THE EGG IN CHUNKS.
After about 30 seconds, you may remove the pot from heat and add in the cookies. Fold in gently, Marie biscuits are known to get soggy real fast. Transfer them to a baking tin or a casserole, press them to set evenly,if that sentence makes any sense. Place them in the fridge for about 3-5 hours, depending on how powerful your refrigerator is. Hehehe…

The verdict?
The taste was somewhat bittersweet, which I absolutely love. The coffee added cocoa flavor was simply amazing to my tastebud. My better half was kind of bitter about the taste; he’s got sweeter tooth than mine..My toddler loved it,I guess. He kept coming back to my plate with that chocolate smeared mouth. What a sight to behold!

So in all, I would say this particular recipe would appeal to those who are into dark chocolate, premium chocolate cakes and the likes, where you will taste the chocolate flavor instead of sugar,and appreciate it. Delicious.

Till then, bon appetite.


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