Oxygen facial treatment- my take on the latest beauty cult


I had one last week. An oxygen facial treatment at a beauty spa. Though it wasn’t part of the plan (the facial was, the OXYGEN wasn’t), things just happened so fast that I agreed to the treatment before my brain could even put the two words together: oxygen+facial.

So how does it really work?

You can and probably have Googled up the term and found endless list on the new fad. Well, it was probably a little less time consuming compared to traditional facial, as there was no poking, scraping, steaming and a whole range “–ing”, all omitted in this session.

It just started with standard cleansing and exfoliating, followed by the revered “oxygen” mask. The next step is what I would call the most exciting part of the otherwise very straight, no-nonsense facial session I have ever endured. The oxygen is basicallypumped/sprayed/infused into your skin with a wand, and you would feel like your skin is being “air-brushed”. The beautician worked with the magic wand around my face for a while, going at a moderate speed, concentrating on areas which I suppose were drier. I did not experience any pain, it just felt cool and some slight tingling sensation.

Then I was left with the mask for a while before the girl finally cleansed my face off the mask, and applied some more leave on serum, and she did confirm with me that I go home straight and nowhere else with the serum on.

It all lasted less than an hour, 45 minutes at most. A little bit pricier compared to my normal facial (which I last had an ICE AGE ago), I did feel my skin more plump with a healthy glow, minus the red marks and sore spots you might get from a traditional facial treatment.

Would I do it again?

Yes, hopefully before the end of this decade.

So tell me, have you tried this oxygen facial before, or any other interesting facial treatments worth sharing?

Let me know!!


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