If nobody knew that you did it, then you didn’t really do it…..

I heard this on the radio, on my way to work. The topic in discussion was something about spying on cheating partners and tell-tale signs, etc…

But when the DJ spurts out the title statement, I froze for a moment. Then I couldn’t stop laughing, nervously. It was a very simple, harmless statement, yet it holds such a profound meaning, the truth in the sentence was just so overwhelming. I just had to repeat the line again and again. And then I told my friend about it. She was indifferent, and replied me that she sees hundreds of quotes like this on Facebook every day. I rest my case.

So I wrote it on my notebook, and gazed at the words for a while. I started to reflect on my past actions, was there anything close to this? My focus was not on cheating or any other rendezvous (yeah, really), but if I could categorize any of my actions under this statement, what would it be?

I could think of many things; some good, mostly embarrassing. Of course, revealing them now would be a catastrophe.

Then I thought of my partner, my good friends, and some close colleagues. Will I find out anything like this about them? Everyone has some skeletons in their wardrobe, right? The problem is, do I want to know them, really? Or are they better left unknown?

I’m giving some serious thought to this one today.


Happy Monday, everyone.


2 thoughts on “If nobody knew that you did it, then you didn’t really do it…..

  1. I think the world runs on these things that we keep hidden from others, mostly in the hopes that nobody finds out this or that from trivial things like our teeth at the age of 10, to someone knowing you killed someone.
    And for some they can be roadblocks for others just another life experience. Humans are great liars if nothing else, it’s second nature.

    • agreed. it is second nature indeed to conceal what’s not known to others. but then, there is conscience, one of the roadblocks you mentioned.

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