What would you do…?

A simple, harmless question can sometimes give you some of the most amazing answers in life. Of course, it can work the other way round as well; some dumb answers are also expected. So when I asked a couple of friends what would they do when they feel elated; if something awesome happens or if they simply want to celebrate another living day, the answers I got range from one extreme to another. I have compiled some of them below:

  • a quick fix of chocolate/ice cream/cigarette
  • paint the toenails
  • a quick shot of wine (quick??)
  • come up with a creative cocktail
  • listen to music (yawn)
  • sing in the rain ( the problem is we are facing drought with a heavy dose of haze here in KL)
  • cook up a storm
  • girls night out
  • some me- time, with bubble bath (and a masseur, I wish)
  • get a new pair of dress/shoes/ no, I will pretend I didn’t hear that.
  • do the MACARENA dance
  • sleep (despite the strong urge to slap the person who answered this, I remained civilized).

The list goes on, yes. Some were interesting, and some were, well, you can see my thoughts in the bracket above.

Then I answered my question; and the first 2 (and only) things that came to my mind were:

  • Good food, especially Thai food- I will definitely get myself something really nice to eat, and some amazing Thai restaurants keep popping up in my mind.
  • Books! There will always be some titles to get my hands on.

Of course, I don’t mind a quick paint on the toe nails, followed by a nice bubble bath and a glass of wine, either.

Here’s to wishful Wednesday.


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