For the love of yogurt…

My fondness for yogurt, and yogurt based food is a well-known fact to my family members and friends. Be it plain or flavoured, and whether on its own or used in cooking, I just love the taste and texture of yogurt so much.

So naturally, yogurt is a staple in my kitchen, and I always try using them in most of my cooking which sometimes require milk or cream. Otherwise, it’s Raita time!

Raita is a simple, no-fuss salad (with any vegetables of your choice) that can be whipped in no time, and it complements almost any kind of cooking perfectly.

My favorite combination? Hot curry with cucumber raita.

Normally, it involves only 3 items:





  • Slice the cucumber and onions as thin as possible, almost thread like.
  • Mix them in a bowl; add in the yogurt (as much as needed).
  • Add on a dash of salt, just to enhance the flavours, that’s all.

The Raita is ready. I normally whip up this cucumber raita when some hot curry is on the menu, to balance up the taste and heat level. J

Once, out of sheer curiosity, I tried adding up a spoon of mayonnaise to the bowl, along with yogurt. The outcome was amazing; the sweetness of mayonnaise combined with the creaminess of the yogurt, with a slight hint of sourness was simply delightful.

Of course, I don’t limit my raita-love to cucumbers alone. I do experiment with other vegetables as well, and among the hits were carrots, tomatoes and lovely aubergines/eggplants.

But while most of the vegetables can be used raw and fresh without prior cooking needed, aubergines or eggplants (whichever you prefer) tends to differ. To bring out the flavor, you have to fry them first.

I will normally slice them into thin strips, add in some turmeric and salt, and fry them light and crisp. After frying and draining them, add on the onions and yogurt (chopped curry leaves and bell peppers are great add-on options too), and the eggplant raita is ready.

So, enjoy the raita combos, and not forgetting the goodness of yogurt; they are good for stomach and also high in calcium. J

Happy Thursday, everyone.



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