Amish Tripathi’s SHIVA TRILOGY

I couldn’t contain my excitement. By some divine intervention (which is my parents’ recent trip to India) I managed to get my hands on some marvelous books recently. On top of the list is Amish Tripathi’s SHIVA TRILOGY, which includes:



Needless to say, I have started reading them right away. This is the part where I should stop typing and go back to my reading, but wait; I have wanted these books for some time, and the most foolish thing is that I did not even ask my folks to get them for me. But there are some things which are beyond our comprehension, I guess. The books somehow managed to reach me through some kind Samaritans. So I have them now. And that is all I want to share today.

I shall read them and come up with my reviews as soon as I can.

Happy, magnificent Monday, everyone.



2 thoughts on “Amish Tripathi’s SHIVA TRILOGY

  1. Hi. Just want to tell you there are so many book-related events this weekend. Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme, The Paperback Book Club, KL Book Exchange (KLBE), KL Book Exchange Club. Unfortunately I have a 3-day workshop this weekend so won’t be able to go to any of them. I’ve listed them in the blog’s calendar so you could check the events if you’re interested. Have a good day!

    • hi Sofia, thanks for the update..busy weekend ahead but if i manage to get to any of the events, will surely let u know. thanks a bunch for the great updates gal.

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