DuWop Doubleglow7 Luminous Face Balm

Hi everyone, HAPPY MONDAY. Yeah, seriously.

Since it is Monday and I can’t think of anything good about it yet, let’s talk about makeup then. 🙂 This is another item which I have bought on a whim while shopping, and I was caught up with the cute yet sleek packaging and the glow the item imparts on the skin.

While Duwop is a brand better known for its Lip Venom, I was more attracted with this cute jar of face balm (I guess it’s time I confess my great weakness for cute jars at this point) which claims to have 7 “secret” ingredients to give your skin that healthy glow which we all are after.

The glow is supposedly to give your skin the extra “oomph” you get from a spa or few extra hours of sleep. Okay, I confess, I bought this item because of this last statement. Honestly, juggling between motherhood, full time job and house moving really took its toll on me, and the effect was evident on my face. So at that point of life, I was more than willing to do anything, I repeat, anything, to resurrect my face from looking like a discarded character from “WALKING DEAD”.

So moving to the pot of miracle, this jar of cream is supposed to act as primer, highlighter and whatever name there is in the cosmetic line that gives you a glow and light on the face.

You may wear it as primer beneath the foundation for that luminous glow from within, it is a face balm after all (or so they claim) or worn above foundation to act as highlighter. The quantity you get for the price you pay, well, I shall advise you to forget using it as a primer.

Yes, it is a bit on the pricey side, so one may want to use it sparingly, unless $$ is not an issue for you, go on, you may use it as a cleanser as well, no objection there.

What I like about the item is its versatility, and also the product actually delivers what it says. So you do get the glow however applied, and it lasts a good few hours as well.

I used the cream as a highlighter on my face once for an evening event, the glow was soft and warm looking. Later I found that the glow shows nicely in the photos, with somewhat soft sheen-y look on the face without major glitter or shimmer issue. On some days, I used them to highlight my brow bone as well, or as eye shadow for a night out.

So my take on the product:

  • It is pricey but lasts quite long anyway.
  • It is a multi-purpose product, that’s a winner for me.
  • The packaging is cute and sturdy.
  • The shimmer/shine looks decent and nothing chunky in there.
  • I don’t think there are any “secret” ingredients in the product, this is not KFC. So no, I don’t believe that claim. In fact, I find it rather cheap to make such a claim to sell a makeup product.
  • The product is a lot, it will last for a lifetime.

Will I purchase again?

No, like I said earlier, it’s going to last me a lifetime.


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