..that which we call a rose..

If you look up in Google, you will find myriad of uses for rose water. They make excellent toner, facial sprays, makeup setting spray, moisturizer, cleanser, skin softener and so on. I have recently included this item in my daily routine as well.

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, I have rather dry skin and most of the moisturizers are simply not enough to last me the entire day. Somewhere in the middle of the day, I can see dry patches around my forehead and nose. Then when I was purchasing my Clinique moisturizer some time ago, the SA advised me to use toner before moisturizing for better absorption. Yes, I confess: I do not follow the CTL routine. Epic moment of shamefulness.

So back to the story, when the SA told me this, I laughed politely and told her that I don’t have the luxury of applying toner before moisturizing, especially in the morning where I will be busy looking for my toddler’s bottle and favourite teddy bear of the day. But she insisted, to the point of warning (I thank her now!!!) and convinced me to start using toner.

So when I first started off, the first toner I used was from Nivea. But despite the great smell and smart packaging (no offence there), the product actually did more harm to my skin than good. I guess it is the alcohol in the toner; it made my skin drier and to the point of flaky sometimes. Imagine flaky face to the extent you have to brush them off with a scouring pad, get the idea? Yikes!

So I stopped using it halfway, and the bottle is still sitting on my dressing table to this day.

Then after a while, it struck me: rose water!

I used to keep stock of rose water for facial pack, so why not try them as toner as well? Genius, I know. I didn’t invent the idea, I know that too.

So I bought Banjaras Rose Water (made in India) from a local Indian store and tried it out as my facial toner. And the rest is history.

It has been a month now, my skin texture is much better, dry patches are not very apparent, though they are not completely gone, my face looks much better and less touch up needed throughout the day. Oh, and they smell AMAAAAAZIIIINNNNGGGG! It is now my HG item.

I also read somewhere online that rose water can used on skin (eg.hand, leg) before applying lotion for better absorption. Just a dab here and a splash there. Genius, right?

Yes, I am going to do that next. And a rose water bath as well, perhaps. 🙂


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