..between a Bang and Destruction, lies the Search…

If the title seems very philosophical, just ignore it because the rest of the article isn’t.

Well it has been a long weekend, and I took the much needed rest entirely in the weekend. Minimal chores were tended, and I saw very little of anything beyond the doors of my house.

And then, having subscribed to Unifi’s Hypp Tv is also another amazing thing I have done recently. The internet speed is great, and the TV channels are awesome. Finally I’m catching up with most of the Bollywod goods from the recent years.

Among my favorite Bolly artist is Aamir Khan. I don’t really go gaga over him, but then I got myself a nice Titan watch when I found that he is the Titan ambassador. Crazy worships aside, I also find him a very unique actor with neither expectations nor submissions to the norms of the industry. Most of his movies, are well, his. He is known to take charge of each of his movies and characters without compromising on the quality. Though some of his actions were seemed controversial at some point, he is arguably one of the finest stars, and most importantly, and actor in the recent times.

Imagine my squeal when his movies were scheduled for 3 days in a row…SQUEAL!!

First was Dhoom 3, the sequel to Dhoom and Dhoom 2(as if the explanation is totally necessary), starring Aamir, and after much Googling, I found that Katrina Kaif was in the movie too. Well, I wasn’t paying any attention to anything that runs around like Tinkerbell on a bicycle in that movie. Heck, I never paid attention to her in any other movies either. Is she really that ignorable? I shall ponder over this question later.

Back to Aamir, as much as I like him (and that’s really really lot you know), and I love the Dhoom franchise as well, especially with John Abraham in the lead earlier, I really couldn’t agree Aamir with this whole superbike business. I mean, he has to be on the ground. He has to act and inspire. Why waste your time hiding that beautiful face in the helmet while riding on a Batman inspired wagon, when you can just stare and win awards? (No, he doesn’t earn an award for staring, that’s me, over, over-exaggerating on his talent.)

So despite the awesomeness of watching an action flick with Aamir and Tinkerbell in the lead role, I wasn’t satisfied. Dhoom was mere Bleh for me.

The “search” continued to the next day, when Talaash was aired. Now that is one movie which I have been wanting to watch for quite some time but never got the chance to (we never do, do we?). Talaash was good, I mean really good. Aamir plays a cool cop in a new place with a fresh suicide/blackmail case, and he has to confront his own personal pain and problem as well. Rani Mukherjee plays his equally- suffering -wife -at -home role perfectly. She looks as gorgeous as ever, even with the teary, tired eyes. And then there is everyone’s sweetheart, Kareena Kapoor as well, carrying the role of a beautiful, sultry, and somewhat helpful but most of the times mysterious call-girl in the movie. The story goes back and forth between current dwellings and Aamir’s lost in the past, and all the other characters are also portrayed well in the movie. I truly enjoyed watching the movie, despite the dark, murky setting of the story. The movie reminds me that sometimes, things that matter most to you doesn’t necessarily mean the same to others, but that doesn’t mean you stop caring for them, or expect everyone to feel the same as you.

So when the “search” was over, I was completely satisfied.

Then, Fanaa happened. Man, was I destroyed by the charm the movie carries!!

If there is one reason anyone should watch this movie, it would be the Chand Sifarish song. Such a beautiful song with two equally amazing stars in the lead, Aamir and Kajol. I personally feel that Kajol is an eternal beauty, I mean I have been watching her movies since I was small, and she still looks the same till today. How do they preserve themselves so well??

A great song and good looks aside, the movie starts off too beautifully with amazing poems and lots and lots of love in the air, you can’t help but feel chilled by the whole lovey-dovey feelings and sentiments. A good part of the movie was also set in Kashmir, thus the effect it has on the movie was simply, breathtakingly amazing. Of course, it was a relationship doomed since the beginning; anyone with half a brain (left or right) can guess that. It turns out that Aamir is not whom he claims to be, which is, a tourist guide, and poor blind girl Kajol has to live with the consequences of love, and all her other decisions since meeting him. Mind you, her life is gone before she even gets the chance to see him! It was a good watch, owing mainly to both Aamir and Kajol’s brilliant acting. The rest of the characters fade somewhere in the snows of Kashnir though.

So that concludes my long weekend of Aamir hits. I hope Hypp TV will be continuously amazing with their movies selection, and I wish more of long weekends to come.


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