while I’m in the festive mood…

Now that I’m officially into festive mood, things have been moving on a cyclone speed at home.

Half of the curtains are down, sheets are repeatedly changed until it matches the color of my mood of the day, and the kitchen is full with baking utensils and ingredients. As I have just moved into my house, my dearest mother decided to add more chores to my already packed list: do a vegetarian traditional cake for the upcoming festival of lights. Exactly what it symbolizes I’m not sure. But it acts as a ritual one must observe religiously every year to avoid any bad luck or mishaps to fall upon your household. So I gave up arguing with her and decided to be a good girl for once in a year. At least for the sake of my new house. Wicked, wicked, wicked…

But what charm me most around this time of the year are the things that pop into my mind every now and then, to perfect the upcoming affair. While working on an important case this morning, my mind drifted to some gorgeous mehendi design I saw online yesterday. Immediately I scanned a list of places and the time slots available on the eve of Diwali so that I can grab a design on my hand as well.

Then there were these absolutely gorgeous lamps I saw in one of those Indian stores last week, so gorgeous that I have started hallucinating about them, and so I absolutely intend to get them by hook or crook. Of course, I could have got them last week itself when I WAS at the store, but then I got distracted with the colorful bags of Basmati rice, and so I moved on to examine them on a deeper level.

And that is just the beginning of everything that is flooding my mind at the moment.

Time slots…time slots…time slots…

Of course, the highlight of the whole event is the prayers that we do before Diwali to honor the deceased family members. To me, this occasion marks precisely the very meaning of the festival; to honor our ancestors, to receive their blessings and to move on with the better part of ourselves with our loved ones. Some of the best memories of my childhood come from the celebration that begins on this particular day onwards, and I intend to continue savoring them in the years to come with my son.

So while I am busy scheduling and rescheduling my time slots to complete everything on the list, dearest hubby managed to book a short holiday trip as well for the week after Diwali. Now that is something totally off the list, but who cares, that’s what holiday and festivals are all about, right?


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