Of mysterious disappearances and sudden spinning of machines in the midnight…

While I was preparing the dinner, I realized that mystery is everywhere around us. Well, this is not a post-Halloween kind of post, but something totally off the topic. Whenever I am confident that all the ingredients needed are there, the salt jar will be empty. And the red chilies would have become dried chilies, somehow. The mystery doesn’t stop there, you know. The washing machine on manual mode is spinning on its own, empty and alone, and the freezer just went on a defrost mode magically overnight.

Coming to my toiletries, my favourite tub of lipstick have reached the pan/bottom of the end, and though there isn’t much mystery there, since I have been using them like crazy even to bed, but still, I can only pray that it’s not discontinued. Please god please…

While thinking of the mysterious disappearance of my household items and more, I realized that we can never have enough of some things  in our life.No matter how many packs of clothes pin I buy, they just disappear into thin air. One day they are there, and then they are gone. The same thing happens to my son’s bibs. I put them to wash, and they never make it out of the machine. Maybe that explains the sudden spinning of the machine in the middle of the night. I don’t know.

The same goes for my stash of lipsticks, I guess.


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