When did vacations become such a production?

i’m glad i grew up in the time when homework and extra classes/tuition during the holidays is unheard off.


I am not so sure parents like vacations that much.

For that matter, I don’t think children like them either.

My school just closed for term break and the kids left for their homes last weekend, most of them more lost than excited about the holidays. They know their parents have planned camps and activities for them, and all is they want is to do nothing.

For a few parent-child combinations, where the channels of communication are always open, it is indeed an exciting time of sharing, growth and exploration. More than anything, vacations are time to talk, to connect, to fill in the details that parents or children don’t seem to have the time for in schooldays. But for the majority, it is a time of “What to do with my child/parent?”.

I’m a first-time teacher, so naturally, the thought of vacations brought back memories of my childhood…

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