The Rosie Project

This is one project I would rate as a love-hate thingy for me. I bought the book due to 3 reasons:

1) the readers I follow were raving about the entire “romcom” idea of the story;
2) I liked the cover of the book so much that I thought they would look gorgeous on my shelf,
3) it has been some very, very long time since I have read anything resembling romance or chick-lit or whatever term the dictionary has it for this year. So The Rosie Project was a project of its own for me.

Granted, all the important elements promised were there in the book, but somehow it seems like a desperate attempt to my taste. The content is fine, no doubt the story is hilarious and the characters are wonderfully flawed, but on the other hand, i find it rather exhaustive to read some pages resembling screenshots of awful technical reports, if I make any sense…and I skipped some chapters as well.

I finished the book very quickly; I was too desperate to get over the book so that I could continue with something else. Part of me was wishing that I should have taken a Patterson novel instead.

On a second thought, I think the book would make a wonderful movie though. It seems like the characters would be much better alive, on screen, and I imagined Tom Hanks in the lead (no idea why, not that he reminds me of Gregory Peck either).

I have abandoned the idea of romcom for now, might try again in a couple of years I suppose.
Project completed.
Sorry book, it’s not you. It’s about me. Me just not that into you.
Rest assured, you still look beautiful and functional on my shelf.


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