Potato Vadai/Fritters and family gatherings…closing up on 2014.

It is the eve of Christmas now, with few days left to welcome 2015. What a year it’s been, right?

After reading the news on Yahoo one of this morning, I realized that we have passed the year with so many tragedies all over the world. Close to home would be the tragedy of two flights; one (still) missing and another shot down. No closure in both cases. The more I think of the tragedies, the more they make me sick in the stomach and grateful at the same time that I still have my loved ones around me, safe and sound. My heartfelt prayers go to the ones suffering at this very moment thinking and missing their loved ones.

But that’s not all about 2014. I’m happy that I’m still employed and that I’m able to provide my best to the family. I’m grateful that my baby is now a toddler, and he speaks to me every single day. The festivals came and are still going on, the schools out (and will start in two weeks, hehe), and right at this very moment, I’m on a countdown to welcome the latest addition to my family: a nephew!

We had a quick gathering in the weekend, before the baby booms in and snatch away everyone’s precious time and attention. We just want to see and catch up with each other, and most importantly, to have a taste of my mother’s latest invention: the potato vadai/fritters.

Now, my mother is an excellent cook, but on top of that, she is great in experimenting. Some people love to stick to the game plan, but not this lady. She loves to create, re-create, modify and constantly sharpen her cooking skills over the years. She has quite a reputation for that, and I admire her sharply for that.

The Potato Fritters (recipe and method below) was no exception either. I don’t know how the recipe came around, but it was the first time she has ever done it, and boy, does it taste good or good?

We had them with Chai (tea), and I being the Chai-maker in the family, made a little extra effort and went on to add some crushed ginger to the tea.

Needless to say, we had the most wonderful weekend, though it was raining cats and dogs out there and there were warnings on the media of potential flood, we were warm and calm inside in the company of family, Chai, and Potato Fritters.


Potatoes – 4 Nos. boiled and peeled, mashed to pulp
Shallots- 3-4 Nos. chopped
Garlic- ½ piece, chopped
Red chilies- 2-3 Nos. chopped
Coriander leaves- 2-3 sprig, chopped
Sago – 1 cup, soaked in water a couple of hours
Salt- to taste
Oil- to fry

Mix all the ingredients together, make them into a paste-like consistency. Make small balls out of the paste, press them slightly (if you like) to resemble a vadai, and deep fry them in the oil until golden brown.

Alternately, you may want to add chili powder, and the fritters might look a shade or two darker.

Serve hot with ketchup or chutney, and of course, with tea.


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