online shopping experience with ZALORA

I had a very bad online purchasing experience recently. It was from a very famous and reputable online shopping portal, called ZALORA. Now, I don’t have anything against online shopping, in fact, I’m very much involved in them and fully supportive of this venture. But when the service and items bought doesn’t match up the promises, and even more, the price we pay them, don’t we deserve to vent out something here?

So I had a voucher, and decided to use them on this website. It was irritating to see that most of the items were excluded for purchase with vouchers. Why, aren’t they getting any sort of income with voucher purchases? My irritation actually starts here, but decided to play along and see the outcome of this experience anyway. So my filtering took almost a month, on and off, items on sale/discounted cannot be purchased with vouchers, some items from certain sellers can’t be charged with vouchers (again) and sometimes, I find that some items which I view repeatedly also goes into the “untouchable” list, where the voucher was not accepted. Great.
And then there was this rule saying that even shipping charges are charged separately and cannot be included in the voucher payment. By now, I was whistling on top of my lungs with frustration.
Finally, item purchased and track number given, blah blah blah…

The delivery took more than 2 weeks instead of their promised 2-5 days. No call from the courier company received, but when tracked online, there were remarks boldly stating that customer was not home and nobody picks up the call. Seriously, does anyone use that phrase anymore today?

Then, we decided to give them a call to check on the item, and voila! Item was delivered; only to the wrong address this time. And after another week, we finally got the item.

But wait, all is not well, yet.

It was a necklace all right, and yes, it was the exact thing which I ordered, but minus the stones which were scattered loose around the parcel, and the necklace was not wrapped and placed in a bag/package!! Everything was scattered, tampered and hugely annoying.

So I had to use some mighty strong glue and found a way to stick the loose stones on the chain, and managed to repair them on my own. Well, that was not part of the purchase agreement.

I have purchased a lot of different items online; gadgets, clothes, makeups and even groceries. There has been some disappointment at one point or another due to late delivery or poor choice of item. But never had I experienced all the worse in one purchase. This is a first of a kind, and the worst too.And coming from a very famous and reputed brand in the country, it is indeed very sad and disappointing as well. I decided not to have any further liaison with them either, be it to make any complaint or seek any amendment to my purchase.

I’m not sure if this whole bitter scene is because of the voucher use, or a very bad coincidental experience? Would I have had a better experience if I purchased with hard cash or credit card instead? I don’t know, and I’m sure not testing it either.


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