If i were to choose…

It’s been sometime here, and life has been hectic and hectic, nothing less. And it’s just January.

I have been paying a lot of attention to cooking and whatever I am eating as well recently, for no reason of course, but, still…

Then it came to my mind.

I am such a food lover, and I love to eat and cook various types of food. Being that, what would happen if I were to choose a type of food for the rest of my life? Just that dish and nothing else, forever, what would I choose?

I did ask some friends and fellow family members and it was amazing to see the desperation in their eyes, to choose and restrict to one dish. The answers ranged from Thai to Italian and back to the continent. Someone said “durian”, but then, he’s senile. Some self -proclaimed global citizens chose fast food, as in fried chicken and hamburgers.

Needless to say, I had a ball.

Then, my turn. But then again, it wasn’t of a major surprise for most people who know me well. I’m crazy of rice, my last “no-rice” diet has only lasted for 1.5 days, which I concluded with a hearty Tom Yum fried rice.

So yeah, no points or rice for guessing there. I love rice, and my absolute choice would be fried rice (of any kind; kampung, Thai, spicy, Chinese, Indian, everything!!) for the rest of my life, for eternity, forever. 🙂

What about you?



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