Yes, I’m a loyalist!

Recent soul-searching revealed that I’m a loyalist. I mean, I do have my own trust issue, starting trouble and so on, but when I do find people worth my trust, I do it wholeheartedly, without a tinge of doubt. I plunge into the relationship right away, no questions asked.

Is it good or bad, I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t think of them; by the time I have decided to trust the person, moral questions don’t play any role in my perimeter. I am just painfully, plain loyal.

Of course, no relationship can be perfect, and we have our shares of ups and downs, but doubt and questions marks rarely come into the picture. I forgive, and move on.

After all, there are only a few people out there whom I trust completely, and most probably just one person in the whole wide whom I could trust my entire life and beyond with. So, naturally, there are no room for questions and what-ifs.

But, there have been some attacks on the people I love, and they have been mainly moral questions. Someone has been trying to instigate, poke fire, create misunderstandings and raise questions on my loved ones’ activities.

Did he say that?

Did she do it?

Were they as guilty as it seems?

It was a very simple task to create all the commotion and then to sit back and relax. Those people are enjoying this immensely. But the people whom I know and trust are running around to put out the fire. They are broken, humiliated and scared. They have been scarred, and lost the zest of life. I felt the tremors, as the pillars of my earth and life are shaken.

I was angry that people could stoop so low to make others miserable. Maybe it is inherent in our genetics to make fellow human suffer, I suppose. But I couldn’t stand it any longer when the instigation turned towards me, when some lowlife tried to turn me against my loved ones, and vice versa. It was too much for my integrity to question the people I trust, and even worse, to see them in tears, thinking of the possibility of being misunderstood. It took mighty efforts to console these poor people, to assure them that I love and trust them alright, and no troublemaker could change my opinion on them. Regardless of what they have done or spoken, I shall never question them, and my loyalty to them shall never waver.

I’m a loyalist, for good or worse. Nothing could change that fact in me.


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