Crazy Attempt at Writing : Teeny Tales

Blogging has opened me to many adventures in the past few months. I have discovered and re-discovered some interests and managed to educate myself to a lot of wonderful ideas out there. One such crazy stuff would be today’s work; my very brave attempt at writing very short stories, in few lines in fact. Very, very amateurish attempt, and not well developed and thought, I must confess, but I’m very proud of them because I managed to come up with them between juggling a phone call and several emails while switching to my work tab. So people, here they are, my very own teeny-weeny tales.

(Thanks to Wandering Story Tellerย ย for the inspiration. )

( Constructive comments and thoughts are most welcomed and much appreciated.)

He always wanted a mother out of her; silly gal thought it was sweet.
Little did she know, they were the red flags,
for all his childishness.
Now she is a mother; for a toddler and an adult.

The wedding went on a week,
the honeymoon a month.
And they are still paying off the debt.

Marriage enters through the front door,
Love escaped through the window,
And secrecy sneaked in the back door.

Alpha gave her love,
Beta promised excitement,
Gamma nurtured her dreams;
She went on and married Money.

The steak was too raw,
The rice was always overcooked,
Even the pudding was of runny consistency.
Only the plain water was right to his taste.
Funny; for seasoned it with Rat Poison.

The day she forgot her purse,
He bought her lunch and gave her a lift.
the deal was sealed with the Devil.

He planted the world at her feet,
Bed of roses on her pavement.
Boy, does he know she is a man-eater?

…to be continued…. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Crazy Attempt at Writing : Teeny Tales

    • Thank you for the kind words..i find it both a fresh break and important necessaty to write shorter stuffs every now and then.thanks once again for finding it lovely and taking time to notice,and for anticipating the next round. โ˜บ

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