Teeny Tales – Part 2.

I’m guilty of not writing much lately, but things have been so hectic everywhere that some days I just feel like giving up altogether. Reunions are tiring, family gatherings are draining me senseless, and work is chaotic. My rant goes on…sigh.

On a good note (or so I hope) I managed to catch some good movies, but again, my book challenge is somewhat lagging behind and I’m constantly consumed by guilt for not doing enough for me and my soul.

At least I eat well, I suppose… 🙂

So in between everything I have been doing in the past 2 weeks, I also managed to write these short things which I’m yet comfortable to call as stories or tales or anything for that fact. But I’m proud of them.

So here they are, my teeny weeny tales- Part 2.


He did everything for her,
Followed her everywhere.
The coroner certified her death as due to suffocation.


“Why do you have to seek it outside, when I give it to you every day? Is it that good?” screamed the wife.
“It’s not about how good it feels, but of getting it on time, whenever I want it,” replied the husband with a grin.
“Damn you, tea!” thought the wife.


Lying flat on her back, she counted the stars above her head.
This will be the last, she thought.
As he drove off, the morning coffee began to work.


She changed her number,
The Facebook status,
The dress grew longer,
And her pixie cut is now braided.
All with the blessings of a diamond on her finger.


Let’s go to the zoo, wife called.
A visit to your relatives, eh, the husband asked.
Yes. The in-laws, wife replied.


His cold eyes pierced her skin.
He is just my cousin, she said with trembling voice.
And spent the next 8 days in the hospital.


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