A letter to my enemy


Dear enemy,

I got back at you today. It was a triumphant feeling. Something I can’t explain, but only feel. No matter how much I tried explaining to my best friend on this achievement, the story doesn’t do any justice to the feelings I have now.

It tastes like the best Belgian chocolate ever, but only better.

It sounds like Mozart and Bach together, or even better.

The sweet tea I enjoy in the evening taste better today, because of my elevated mood.

I am smiling at the thriller I’m reading at the moment now, because my heart is singing inside.

I love me for being brave enough to get back at you on the right time. I love myself for doing what is right, and allowing me to stand up for my right. I am proud of myself for counting the steps carefully for two long years, before finally plunging the proverbial sword into you. Or more precisely, into your shameless “acclaimed” act of love and goodwill. I love the fact that I had the guts to stay, and wait, and took the chance when it knocked on my door.

How much I would have loved to see that horrified reaction on your face; but then again, your face is something I can live without seeing, on any day.

So I will use my imagination here. I know the horror of your voice when you scream and curse at me. Oh, how many nights you have taunted me with that horror of yours. I can see you frantically reaching out to your gossip buddies now, to spread the news of my evil doing. Yes, I know them too, because we are in the same social circle after all. Soon, the news of my evil doing will come back to me, I know. I’m waiting for it, in fact.

You see, this has been my intention all along. I want you to tell everyone on this matter. I want everyone to know of what I did, how hostile I have reacted to you, and how it has taken you by surprise.

I have taken everyone by surprise, haven’t I?

People may see you as the innocent victim here, and me as the devil in disguise.

Fine with me; being the devil once in a while is fun, too.

You will probably hate me now, and regret your acquaintance with me.

I can live with that.

I’m smiling now for this achievement. Yes, it is an achievement for me.

You crossed the limit when you interfered in my business.

You provoked me when you shouldn’t have.

You poked your bloody nose in my personal affairs.

You instigated against me, my loved ones.

I smiled then, with tears in my eyes.

I am smiling now, albeit with vengeful eyes.


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