Teeny tales… and ramblings – Part 3

The words were meaningless
So were the gestures
Because deep inside, I know the meaning of rhetoric questions and stage drama.

If only the rain could wash away all the pain and shame of the past
We all will be brand new child every single day
Alas! I live in a dry country; drought is abundant, in vast.

I was the only witness
To the horrors of the marriage
Yet I said “YES” when the dreaded question came
Aren’t we all self-destructive?

He told me, if only LOVE was a little more than
four-lettered word, I could have given it to you
I told him, if only MURDER was a little less than
six –lettered word, I would have kept you alive.

To say I love you will be a blatant lie
To say I don’t like you would be an understatement
The worst I could say is “I don’t care”
The best is you know all of the above.

Why so much hate, when there is abundant to love?
Why so much lies, when there is one single truth?

When he hit me, I felt the pain on my skin
When I hit him back, he was six feet deep.

What made to pursue you?
What drives me to capture you?
Sheer arrogance and your ego
Now I have you, captured in my cave
I show you off
But I don’t desire you
Not anymore, my love.


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