to expect and appreciate, to thank and compliment others…

While going through some discussions (OK, they were idle chats!) on things we really appreciate and then those we take for granted, I was amazed at how much we actually demand from others, and how much we truly give back in real. Many might disagree on this but the truth is, we are creatures of expectations.

We love to expect a little of these and that, every now and then. While it is not wrong to have some expectations, too much can be hazardous to us and everyone around us as well, right?

Then, there is this issue of appreciation.
How much do we appreciate others?
Do we let them know when we appreciate someone?

In my culture, or I should say Asian culture, we seldom let know our appreciation. The silence without any complaint is enough a compliment. Hence, we don’t take compliments as well. In fact, we Asians are very bad at taking compliments. We deny them flatly, and in some occasion, I have seen some people who have become so enraged with a compliment paid.

That said, the situation is changing (I hope), thanks to the media and globalization. People in general are much influenced in cross culture than ever before, and as a result, we are cross practicing the customs and traditions as well.

Also, new age media, freely available inspiring quotes and feel good campaigns are abundant these days.

Buy someone a coffee to make their day.
Pay the parking ticket for the person behind you.
Offer someone a ride to their destination.

All these are regular messages I hear every day on my way to work. I know I never did any of those above (except for the occasional coffee treats to my friends and colleagues).
But I say thank you when the waiter clears off my plate after the meal.
And I wave to the guards at the entrance of my housing area.
I kiss my husband when he does the dishes.
I kiss him again when he takes care of our toddler when I’m having head numbing migraine.
I thank my parents for calling or messaging me the old fashioned way –SMS.
I thank my colleagues and friends who help me around with work issue.
I thank my readers for the follows and likes.

It is when you say thank you, you will realize how blessed you are in this life. Every time you thank someone, remember the blessings you are endowed with.


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