Some things are called customer service…yes.

Sometimes great services that we receive on daily basis can be a real blessing. At times, there are some which go beyond our basic comprehension.

For instance, the other day I needed a bank statement for one of my account, and since the home branch was quite a distance from my place, I asked over the customer service line if there is any way they could do it online for me. The answer was no. I would have to walk in. Fine.

Then I asked if I could do it at the nearest branch?

Oh yes. Wow.

Of course, I would have to walk in, fill up a form, wait for about 5 working days for the nearest branch to process the request, then another couple of days for the home branch to respond, and if they agree, they would send the statement by courier (yes, one, same, single bank sends statement via courier, from one branch to another!) and I, the customer would have to bear the courier charge and the service tax as well. All these, for a copy of bank statement.

Who says we live in a digital age and paperless is the way to go these days?

The only thing I’m glad of is the fact that they don’t use pigeons anymore to send their documents. Or I should have clarified that as well?

Then there was another time, as I was about to make payment at a drugstore counter, the bill came up to $100++ and it showed at the counter that every purchase of $50 is entitled for a recyclable bag. I noticed that the cashier was not interested in giving me the bag, (or any bag for that matter, as it was a Saturday and some sort plastic bag-free day in my country) and when I asked her, she was like, “Duh, its Saturday”. So I went like “Duh, but my bill is above $100 so you could give me one of those non-plastic bags” and then she goes again like “Oh, it’s only for purchase of $50”. And so I fumed, and a flabbergasted me told her in the clearest way possible that I can’t possibly shove the boot of my car inside her store, so unless she gives me a bag, any bag, I will just have to walk away without completing the purchase. Finally, with a heavy face and everything else, she bent and took a bag for me.

Did I ever go to the store again?


These are just some of the startlingly, hair-raising services I have received in recent times. There are more, of course, every day.

Some I have ignored, some I have stood up for.

But they never fail to amaze me; I’m always intrigued with all the kinds of services available around us.


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