Mad May Recap


I realize my last post was on the first week of May, and it has been exactly one month now, I have been away from the blog, writing activities and updates. A lot happened, I got tired,excited, and at a point,overwhelmed with things that were going around.Truly, saying things have been hectic would be an understatement, but for the lack of better word at the moment, I shall maintain my stand at that.
May was wonderful; with plenty of public holidays and family gatherings (more excuse for diving into food galore) and a short break to the nearest beach as part of my birthday and Mothers’ Day celebration. May was fantastic.
Some life altering decisions too, have been made last month. Not exactly a recap, but I have always felt better writing down my plans, ideas and thoughts down, so this keeps me sane in a way, and organized.
Like clothes, people too change colors. As lousy a comparison it may sound, I find it to be entirely true.
Some people just fade, and some get bleached! While the knowledge of having pretentious, not-entirely-genuine kind of people in our life is always evident (we call that instinct), the actual picture, when emerges, often proves to be hurting. It is then we are forced to realize and acknowledge the cold, hard truth.
A couple of chapters later, with a few shades lesser, we often reach new checkpoints with new resolutions to take on. I am at such a checkpoint, with major decisions at stake, and some potential dramas to unfold, I won’t lie here; but I’m pretty excited on this one.
Being a person who believes in everything and nothing, I can only hope for the best. I may be extreme, or you can call me grey. But whatever comes my way, I’m ready to take on the challenge.

   to be continued…



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