Romeo is gone.

Today, I lost a pet. He has been with us for the past 13 years, and has been everything a dog could be to a family: friend, companion, guard, child, love.
He was a baby when we received him, and remained so throughout the years. There have been ups and downs, change of 3 houses and multiple problems resulting from a community of mixed ideologies, but Romeo remained a family member till the end. He was loving and loyal, fierce and yet playful. He does get mad at times, and when that happens, things do happen.
For instance, he snapped once and my sister got bruises on her hands. It may sound terrible for a pet dog to lose temper on one of the family member, and honestly, even I had mixed feelings on this one, but then, even my sister shrugged off the entire episode and said coolly, “he is a dog, men can be worse”.
Indeed men can be worse.
13 years is a very long period of time, and the memories that accompany aren’t little.
He was this little demon running around the house tearing up the family photos in pieces, and then he was this old, lazy, deaf dog lying at the garden.
When I heard the news, I thought I might burst out crying. But no, it didn’t happen.
He lived well, had a good family to take care of. He was a proud dog who took care of his master and the family. He was this wonderful guard who would bark at the first sight of shadow. He just got old, and left in peace.
When I think of his passing away, I could only recall the good memories.
Maybe that is the best way to think and remember something we love.


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