Choosing the ONE word

Not too long ago, in one of my writing classes during the ever-so-glorious varsity years, we were given a number of interesting writing prompts (what else to expect in a writing class, DUH!) Some of them have stayed very clearly in my mind as I tend to recycle them (creatively, of course) for my own classes in the past couple of years. One of my favorite is choosing one word to describe ourselves, and then elaborate further in the coming sessions.

You think bragging about yourself in one word is easy?

Here we are, bunch of idealist in 20s trying to conquer the world and everything in it, and you are asking for one word, lady??

OK so the point is it took us longer than we thought to come up with the one word. One, single, word.

But it was one of the most interesting classes ever in that semester; not only had we found who’s who in that class, but also who’s not as well. Got it?

Some really nice kids thought themselves way much lower than they ought to, and some were definitely stuck up somewhere between the sky and scrapers. That one word really brought out a lot of truth and fallacies that we all have lived all our lives. One word brought laughter, strength, confidence and much more to our lives.

Since then, I try to prompt the people I meet to check and describe themselves in one word, just for the fun of it.

Do try it out, it as fun as insightful.

By the way, mine was “wicked”.


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