When the garbage overflows…

For people who have known me well, I am this reserved, generally quiet and un-protesting person. For those who know me very, very well, I am this argumentative, stubborn and strong-minded person.

I won’t deny any of it, because I’m both. It is all about boundaries and borderlines; we all ought to know where we stand in certain places and circumstances and act accordingly. I know that saves a lot of @$$ a lot of times. I know it saved mine many, many times.

So what do you do when someone tries to shift the blame on another entity for being irresponsible, when in real time, they could have avoided certain problem by just doing their job right, the first time?

Let me give an example:

If the janitor/cleaner at your school complaints that the kids’ dustbin is overflowing with garbage by the end of school session every day, what do you do?

  1. a) Tell the children not to throw garbage at all?
  2. b) Tell them to bring their own dustbin?
  3. c) Dispose the existing dustbin to settle the issue for once and all?

I wouldn’t choose any of the above. Of course, some investigation needs to be done on the allegations, but a school is a big area, and kids are plenty. So garbage gets accumulated. Simple.

My question is, why does the janitor has to wait until the end of day to notice that the dustbin is overflowing? Can he not check by midday and empty it before the overflowing begins?

Wouldn’t that be a more appropriate action for someone in charge of property maintenance?

The last thing we need is for the kids to start looking “alternative” dustbin due to the overflowing problem. We don’t certainly need drains and toilets clogged and overflowed with garbage, do we?

From where I stand, I see and hear lots of complaints from people who are supposed to manage the situations. Why shift the blame when you could practice some simple, proactive measures? Easy yet strategic plans are easily available, everywhere, if only you look for it. But I suppose it is always easy to blame the users than taking some basic responsibility. I couldn’t help but point out the obvious thing; after all, I am part of the system wherever I may be. Sometimes I am the user, and sometimes I manage. But the point is, we can all use a little bit of common sense and practice some conscience before running to the principal’s office.


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