Dear blog…

This is my apology to my own blog space for being so absent for so long. Of course things have been hectic, no, crazy and even more. But I should have known better, and done something about it, because as I have mentioned earlier in one of my posts, blogging has opened my eyes to a whole new world of knowledge and experience, as much of a cliche’it may sound.
The thing is, my office(wrong term here but will explain later) was relocated to somewhere further which complicated a lot of things in return on my schedule.
Many things changed; routines were run down and time was literally flying above my head.
OK, so I’m writing after such long and I’m ranting some nonsense,ya?

Where was I?
Relocation, right.
So the mighty change drained everything from me: energy, willpower, time, passion, sleep, health, interest, you name it.
And yes, financially too.
So I decided something really nasty, or crappy, or simply idiotic (as some has put it, rather bluntly) and decided to plunge all in.
I resigned.
It was all I could do to refrain myself from going cuckoo, so I decided to end it.
Of course there was this period of notice which I had to serve, and in between was Diwali, food, gatherings,and yeah, work load and the time-eating travel period on daily basis.
It was pure, undiluted agonizing pain, to travel for almost 5 hours on daily basis in the name of work.

At the same time, I was also looking for other career opportunity, and while at it, I decided to explore an entirely different field. Just pushing my luck, I guess.

Well my notice serving period is up now and I am now on a holiday with no pay.
Some call me housewife now; some say domestic engineer.
I am simply learning to breathe now and embracing the joy of being cooped up in the house on weekdays. 🙂


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