So much for rush..

Am I glad it is December now and the year is almost over?

Well, it is both yes and no.

Because I celebrate so many festivals (and yes, public holidays!!) in a year, it is like the rush is equally spread throughout the year. Also, there is something biological that gives me the same kind of “new year”rush around the time of my birthday (yes, it happens and no, I am not making this up), so yeah, I stand somewhere in between.

The good thing is I love the Christmas season, and everything it connotes; movies, mood,cookies,presents,the whole idea as a holiday.

Then New Year, but not the rush, schedule, meetings, and oh, resolutions.

So I don’t entertain them.


Right now, I am in the rush of completing my reading challenge of the year.

So much for year end rush. :p


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