February so far..

The new job is awesome. Teaching has been kind to my emotional health and soul so far. Not to mention,the holidays that come as the job perks as well. But of course,being a teacher is much more than being happy and having breaks.
I have met a parent;who opened up about the problems and expectations they have on their son. I have prepared interesting lessons,trained students for performances and right now, preparing assessment papers for the school as well. Apart from that, I am also the teacher in-charge of the school library,thus I am supposed to set up a team of librarians and deal with the duties as well.
No, I wouldn’t say it’s easy. But I’m loving the challenges, the interaction I’m having with young minds, loving the idealism they have at their age,and enjoy being reminded how it is to be school children with the whole world yet to be explored.
I’m going back to the assessment paper now. 🙂


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