Thank you to the power that be…

I have to admit, I’m quite heady with excitement. With careful planning and some luck, a dream house in a new place is on the way. Honestly, I’m tied and tired with the current town I am residing now,and everything seemed hopeless and more or less like a permanent eclipse, a ray of hope came into the picture, and thank you to the power that be, things are working out in a nice way. But it wasn’t all rosy, I must add. Plenty of complications and interference happened, the hopelessness was beginning to eat me alive, leaving me gasping for little breaths and mercy. Mercy it was, that came onto my way and showed some light, much needed light and a path.

Now that things are going in a much favourable way, I’m really excited of the new house, the design and specifications; especially how spacious it would be for my toddler to run around. Ah, the joy I derive from his pleasure… 🙂



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