More on books…

I’m happy with my reading habit since the beginning of the year. Whereas in the past years, I have tried to finish reading everything on my shelf, this year I find myself buying more and more new arrivals, whatever that I have missed reading last year and the recent blockbusters. The Girl on the Train was one such case, and with a contented heart I continued the journey with Gillian Flynn’s The Grownup. It was a mind-blowing read, with unexpected twist and humour, all at the right places.

More good news came in last week, as Book Depository, the largest online bookstore with amazing deals on books and impressive collection of titles, have started to accept the local currency as well. I was on cloud nine, then tenth,then eleventh, then…

So my hands are itchy every single day, checking the newest book deals, and arrivals, comparing prices, and simply scrolling through the books and reviews…so many books, so little time.

So yeah, I’m happy, and I cant wait to watch The Girl on the Train next.



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