When the battery goes low..

The world never stops spinning, would it? Urgh..
It has been work ,work and pretty much work the past few months. Throw in a school exam, Diwali, a funeral in the family, year end concert and awards ceremony..there you go, my year coming to an end, gloriously.
And between juggling all these, my mind screams for me-time. Something and somewhere, to just get away from the much clichéd hustle and bustle around me.
Though I do enjoy the celebrations and some moments, it drains me. It drains the best of us.  And on a personal level, any occasion that involves more than 2 people at a time around me warrants for a recharge period. I need the quiet after hours to regain my composure and sometimes, sanity. So yeah, in a way, crowd does some serious damage to my nerve system.
Still hatching a plan here, for my quiet reward..


3 thoughts on “When the battery goes low..

  1. Smile…….. Take a few deep breaths…. Exhale slowly……… Smile……. Feel….. Take a glass of water…….. Let each drop entering into self be felt…..

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