Just About Everything

• I love reading just about everything that draws my attention and writing is a form of escapade for me. I believe many others feel the same way too. Whatever I write on this blog are my personal opinion, my beliefs and most importantly, my passion. I gather all my random thoughts and feelings of my surrounding here in my blog, and I wish to be connected to other readers and writers as well.

• There is no issue of copyright or privacy here, you may quote, copy, cut, paste- you get the drill, but I will not be liable or responsible for any loss/misunderstanding/ and oh, if you feel I am wrong about certain issues, or any recipes gone wrong for you, or any lipstick was a bad purchase, please remember, I DID NOT create them. Be a responsible reader.

• I do not work for any company; this blog does not represent any organization except for my own brain and heart. But if you do want me to write for you, please contact me. I’d love to try.

• I try my best to quote and cite all my references and pictures taken from the net (if any), but if you find anything wrong/misquoted, do let me know. I will gladly amend it.


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