My Kitchen (Golden) Rules…

  • Always learn, and be ready to cook from scratch.
  • Never, ever, run out of onions.
  • Believe in spices..they never let you down.
  • When in doubt, use abundantly.
  • The rule above doesn’t apply to salt.
  • Learn the quickie tricks, they are your best friends, and most people wouldn’t notice the difference.
  • Invest in the extras, eg:marination, garnishing,etc..they were invented for some reasons.

If you know the basics, tricks would come in handy. But that’s the point: learn the basics. The rest would follow.

Often I do find myself stumped over some petty stuff in the kitchen, and always, it’s the little tricks that we have learned over the years that saves the day. Kitchen, and cooking is no textbook to follow, being crafty is fine and acceptable. But the basic rules are there for some very good reasons; learn and respect them,and they would do you good in return.

One of my favourite chef on TV used to say, a recipe is just a piece of paper, how you cook it, makes the food,and eating, worthwhile. 🙂