Let’s talk about (discontinued) New Year resolutions.

It is the time of the year again; when people everywhere are busy planning the eve to welcome the New Year with great hopes and dreams. And top on the list would be the next resolution we all make will great expectations; it’s almost a tradition to make the New Year resolution in most communities and societies.

New Year resolutions make great essay titles, and a great start for the classes and teachers, especially when your mind is still groggy with the holidays, travels, parties and leftovers. And that’s all they are.
The very word “resolution” sounds grim and scary to me these days. Because the recent events close to home just proved how uncertain and fragile life is. We can plan anything and everything, be it the great 5-year plan or extend it to 10 years, but what happens tomorrow is still a great big mystery.

With another plane missing crashed over the waters between Indonesia and Singapore, people worldwide are mourning and praying for some miracle of any kind in hope of their loved ones. The flood affecting the country with thousands evacuated and millions of losses along with pleas for help are just going on and on in the past couple of weeks. Yes, we are mourning; for the people of our country and people everywhere.

And I question: what happens to their resolutions? What about their plans and dreams?

To put simply, I quit believing in resolutions years ago, when I left school.
They were great for essays, and that’s all.

I rather have and focus on daily goals to achieve, to become a better person to me and to my loved ones, and people around me.
I rather eat right, and quit stuffing my freezer with frozen, fast foods.
I should be exercising more, and regularly, I feel less sluggish that way and I can justify the entire food intake. I love eating, no quitting there, no can do. Rather exercise, yes.
I want to spend more time at home and less on the road, beating the traffic.
I’m officially done with social media networks that constantly update every movement and pings me for every new photo uploads. I’m done. Thank you.
I’m reading more nowadays, I find myself finding the time more often than ever. I’d love to continue that. It feels good.
I want to do things that make me feel good and inspired. Have that planned vacation, wear the new dress I have been saving for my next birthday (I’m wearing them tonight to the grocers!) and sort out the ever over-flowing cupboard of mine.
That’s all.
These are my very current goals, everything I could think up while typing and nothing that requires mighty effort or constant reminders or that which sounds like solid, grim, resolution.

Have a happy, and better year ahead, folks. Stay safe and sound. Happy (with fingers crossed) 2015.