The perks of being a wallflower/The power of introverts

Referring to the title of the oh-so-fabulous and adoringly successful book and movie, it is in fact true to the core. While many may whine and scream of being treated as one, if looked carefully, being a wallflower does save b*tts a lot of times.
In a world where being loud and extroverted is celebrated and even venerated, being an introvert is seldom seen appealing. If you are an introvert and wake up each day with the sole mission of being a successful wallflower, than you almost don’t exist, my dear.
But come to think of it, why is it considered so lame and not-hot, being an introvert?
If silence is power, if silence kills, then why not introverts are glamorous?
I have often been referred as “the silent one” and “reserved” in the family. The worse nickname I have got is “the lid”, which translated in Tamil, my mother tongue, means “moodi” which in turn sounds a lot like the English word “moody”.
What is it with Indians and their obsessions with everything English?
Well, we leave that topic for another day, yeah?
So going back to the lid, I mean being reserved and introverted; people seem very generous in terming and labeling those who are quiet. The scene gets even more colorful if we have got the company of cheerful, happy, fun-loving, and spontaneous extroverts around.
Immediately we become the victims of pity and empathy of the general crowd, don’t we?
Then, we are expected to speak more, and louder, be more robust, have a little drink and loosen up those stiff muscles, do a little bit of dance (even if you spell out the sentence, I-CANT-DANCE –TO-SAVE-MYSELF) and so on.
To call those moments embarrassing and torturous would be an understatement.
The point is, people are quick to judge that introverts in general don’t have a life.
The myth goes that introverts in general do not enjoy themselves, and tend to be bored to death.
Fact is, introverts are some of the most creative creatures on earth.
Because we don’t outsource the entertainment factors, we tend to be highly entertaining, funny and full of life on the inside.
We are quiet, but then it just adds more mystery to our personality.
We are shy and reserved, it means we have more to think and say when we finally open the mouth.
We are the introverted wallflowers available everywhere, watching and observing and absorbing everything in sight. We see things, we hear everything, and we choose to keep quiet.