REVIEW: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm- SHOWY

Hiya there. Today I shall talk a little bit about my love for makeup stuff, and a long time favorite brand of mine, Revlon.

Revlon has always been a first choice for me for all things that mean makeup to me, be it a compact powder,foundation cream, eyeliners, and needless to say, lipsticks. Though I have tried many other brands over the years, I have to say, this brand has a permanent place in my purse the entire time.
So, ColorBurst Matte Balm in SHOWY being my latest conquest is no exception. I mean it seriously.

True to her name, my oh my, is she showy or what. You get instant hot look sporting this lippie, ladies. It is a hot purplish sort of pink, which often reminds me of Nicki Minaj, and by wearing it, you know you oughta’ rock every single moment of it.

What I love about this lippie ( apart from the instant attention I get from hubby) is that, not only it gives you a super- rockstar look, but also it’s super creamy, and therefore, glides on like a dream on your gorgeous lip. But in case you’re thinking, no, it does not melt because of the creaminess. I have carried them everywhere in my purse and so far, no complaints on the consistency and the packaging.
I also use it as a liner as well, so there, it’s a multipurpose time- saver too.

It did take me a lil’ bit of time to actually gather some courage and proceed purchasing this particular colour, but I’m glad I made the right decision. I love every moment of wearing it. It’s a lovely and bold shade from Revlon.

Till then, stay beautiful.