In the holiday mood…

Diwali came and went with a blast. I had the most amazing and blessed time with the presence of my family members, and though not everything went as planned, the joy and fun was there, with plenty of food as well, so nobody is complaining. I managed to get the very last minute mehendi,( yes, I did it!) and deviated a little there to grab some thread bangles. They were simply gorgeous that I just couldn’t resist them.

Then, there was this Diwali special movie as well, to complete the tradition of watching the latest Diwali flick in theater. I opted for Shah Rukh Khan’s HAPPY NEW YEAR, because it boasts super hit songs and all star cast. Needless to say, the movie was a blast, but I could be biased as well because I love the songs so much, and I worship Deepika Padukone’s sense of makeup lots. She looks super gorgeous as usual in this movie, and she portrays her character as the comical Mohini very impressively.

At the moment, I’m posting this piece from A’ FAMOSA RESORT, MELAKA. This would be my holiday outing of the year, and I’m continuing the ‘blast’ effect here. Among the main attractions here are the Old West town and Red Indian Show, and do checkout the Safari World to see some amazing animals, including the ever cute orangutan an d Indian tiger. The safari ride is a must here, you could see the tigers roaming freely in close range, but the lion is a big boo. A big joke. He looked old, thin, and weak, and people were simply making joke out of the animal. I sympathize the old fella from the inside my caged truck. The food in the resort is nothing great yet expensive, no surprise there. I made a mental note to bring my own bread, bun, provision, whatever to keep me me from buying the resort food again on my next visit.

A quick trip to Melaka town, and I managed to grab some edible goodies. Lucky for my purse, the Jonker Street is closed on weekdays, hence we settled with the few shops available there. I found my favorite Heng’s nyonya┬ásauce in one of the shops there, and by far, it is the best I have ever tasted. It is a must buy item in Melaka. Restoran Selvam is a great, inexpensive place to eat in the Melaka town. Strategically located right in the middle of the town between Jonker Street and Little India, the food is really good with great service and clean environment. Their mee goreng was really good with generous shower of tauhu, and the teh tarik was just of perfect blend and sweetness. Did I mention their price is very reasonable? We had 3 glasses of teh tarik, 2 plates of mee goreng, a rice meal and a rava thosai for RM23!!!

3 days here and I’m already planning for the next trip to Melaka. The great food, historical buildings and places, and just the laid back ambience of the town is simply charming and irresistible.

P/S: all the reviews and opinions expressed in this post are mine, unbiased and written with love and joy.