REVIEW: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Macaroon

I’m back with another review today, and it’s none other than another Revlon lippie. As the title says, it’s the ever famous lip butter in Macaroon. I picked several Revlon lipsticks during the Guardian store sale, and got this one at about RM16++!! ( you’re jealous, I know).
It took me some time to start using the lipstick, because I couldn’t match the color with any of my usual outfit, okay, that is only a part of the story. I was more in love with the other color I bought, Lollipop.
Guilty, yes.
So, finally I found that one of my red, more of a traditional outfit wouldn’t simply go with Lollipop..and this was where Macaroon came into the picture. As I didn’t want anything too bright or deep that morning, this particular shade was simply the perfect compliment for the day.
The texture is light and buttery (it is a lip butter, what else do we expect?) and the pigmentation was pretty decent. Little shimmer there, yes.It is quite moisturizing and the smell was somewhere mild- OK for me. I’m not a fan of fragrance in makeup items either, so this lipstick was still acceptable in my humble opinion.I am still undecided about the staying power though, as from my experience, a touch up every 3-4 hours is rather necessary.
I found out later that the lippie has a slight golden undertone, which was why it looked so good with my traditional (Indian) outfit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with anything else. Ladies, it’s makeup we’re talking about: be bold and do experiment!
So, is the color worth all the hype?
Well, for me it is. Not only it’s a great subtle red shade which I can wear on daily basis without screaming for attention, I also find it to be more of MLBB shade of mine, minus the tiny shimmer particles,of course.
Not many cons I could find, but you might want to think of that staying power though.

Till then, stay gorgeous.