It’s September and I’m wide awake…

Seriously I have no idea what’s with the title, but one glance and it’s September and I stumped for a moment: yes, I have been away from the blog for two whole months. Not that I was lying underground or went away on a much needed vacation whatsoever. Things are pretty much routine but changes in capital C have been taking charge over everything around me, including yours truly.

It’s really irritating on my part to actually detail out everything on the changes in full sentences, and I assume it is the same for readers alike. Hence the point forms below (p/s: I’m practicing my concise-writing class lessons now):

  • my workplace moved further up to city centre, thus longer commute to work now
  • naturally it means more expenses for me
  • and i had to revamp my entire schedule due to time factor
  • we have to change babysitter due to geographical reason

It seems I have only four points lined up here, but the reality is they have and are making huge impact on my day to day life. Hence, my partner and I have further moved up with more drastic ideas and decisions. Take note, as it is the decision to change babysitter is considered radical enough in the society and community I am associated with, and I am still recovering from the trauma of QA sessions with numerous NGOs over the decisions. Naw, I’m kidding, seriously.

Moving on, the drastic idea which appealed to me greatly was the illusion of getting out my current living space, I mean the area. At first I thought it was impossible, ridiculous and laughed at the thought of selling off the property for the sake of leaving the place. But with a little (brain) push, hours of arithmetic sessions to illustrate the things we could achieve by selling off the property, and some deep level thinking, I came to realize it is entirely possible, and also liberating. Also, the 45-minutes traffic at the junction of my house to enter the main road did a lot of convincing to my heart and brain, more than any other reasons. So what’s our next plan? Sell off the property, get out of this (relatively new, under-developed but with lots of potential) place and rent somewhere else. Sure thing, I will be kicking my you-know-where in the future for selling this house within few years of buying it, what more with all the renovations and add-ons we did (blame the honeymoon phase) to the house. Already, I am answering the family council and related NGOs for taking such a hurried, nonintellectual and immature decision at this age, but hey, I have my valid reasons for that. And no, I am not giving any solid reason for that matter. You may guess and guess, but I ain’t gonna talk nothing lady.

Now I’excited, really really excited. Funny that liberating ideas do that to us.

P/S: more drastic decisions coming along..gotta love the wicked feeling 🙂