tiny ramblings- Part 4

The buzz was around for such a long time
You and I, the team everyone admired
Care to see the number of doors and walls I have bumped onto, in the meantime?

She found the clover leaf again today
But not the four-leafed one
No, she can’t leave yet.

Everyone knows him; man of the house
But no one has seen the puppeteer; the invisible lady within the walls.

He holds the key to everything
The universe bends to his wishes
After all, his gender reads: MALE

She loved the sweets they shared
The sweet nothings he whispered
That’s all she’s got;
Sweets, and nothing.

Love said: I conquer everything
Money replied: I own conquerors.

They said don’t settle in the comfort zone
But isn’t comfort what we all seek?

There is a fine line between love and madness
But neither acknowledges this.

She crossed the seven seas for him
Silly, he was a living ditch.

The ceremony was over
The guests left
The tent and ornaments were cleared
But the tears remained
He seems happy, but why she looks harried?

The bloodshot look
The sideway glance
The firm grip on her wrist
This is love, she thought
Silly, those were shots of whisky.

All the stars in the sky
Showed their names together
She knew it was one of his lies
But still…
Beautiful lies are better than ugly truth.

My love for you
Is as vast as the mountain
And deeper than the sea
But you don’t even have a shadow
Where do I find you?

Children play
Lovers quarrel
Husbands hit and wives obey
I watch them every day.