REVIEW: Organic Aid Vitamin E Cleansing Foam

I’m back with another review today, oh, it feels like I have so, so much to tell and I have this head full of words bubbling up that I can’t even think of one coherent sentence! Do you guys too feel this level of excitement when writing? That’s okay, it’s a rhetoric question anyway.
So, moving on to the review item of the day, it is one of the most trusted items in my skincare routine, Organic Aid Vitamin E Cleansing Foam. Now I did mention earlier in my BOBBI BROWN POT ROUGE post that I have rather dry skin and I always try my best to avoid soap-based cleansers and shower gels/creams as they can be extremely harsh on the skin. This particular brand has been providing me all the nourishing and moisturizing my skin needed for a very long time; about 10 years now if I remember correctly. I started with the Vitamin E cream, was super impressed with the result and after some time, found this cleanser in the same range. Needless to say, I grabbed this cleanser right away!
Product details: 55g/RM16

What they claim:

-Made with 500 I.U of pure Vitamin E from wheatgerm oil.
-The most natural expensive source of Vitamin E.
-Nourishing and is gentle to your skin
– Leaves your skin clean, silky soft and fresh after each wash (what else would anyone expect?)
– Never tested on animals
– Biodegradable

My verdict:
This cream cleanser can be your good friend regardless of your skin type. The consistency is somewhat creamy, neither thick nor runny and comes in standard tube packaging. Little amount is sufficient for a decent face wash but as opposed to its name, the cleanser does NOT produce any foam. Of course, I can feel the substance on my skin like any proper cleanser does, but it does not produce much foam and it is not soapy as well, which I find rather pleasing and kind off odd as well, since it is a cleanser.
On the other hand, I pretty much like the fact that the product is never tested on animals and is biodegradable. So you know it’s environment-friendly. Nice.
I have liked and respected the brand for a long time, but this cleanser is a disappointment, i have to say. Maybe my expectation was too high, or the product did actually fail to deliver what it claims, I’m not sure.But i did feel some tingling,skin-tightening sensation each time i use this cleanser. And then, i would see my skin has become super dry to the point of FLAKY. Now that is not what i expect from a Vit.E based cleanser.
I could not bring myself to finish the tube.It’s lying in my dustbin.
And that is how the tale ends.