The rain, A bleeding dress, and The cinnamon-soda

Every now and then, we all do experience a streak of craziness in us, right? It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, or harmful, but just a little something out of character, that you would laugh off later. I had several moment of madness this week; either it’s the lack of sleep, or the sudden change in weather in my place ( we had very bad dry spell with heavy dose of haze here in KL, but it’s raining cats and dogs all of sudden this week) or simply the intake of food since the Eid festive season.

I choose D: all of the above.

So among the things I did in the past few days which confirm my lunacy level are:

  • I walked barefoot in the car park towards my car as it has rained earlier, and the place was slightly flooded. No way I’m going to walk with my shoes ON through that water!!??!! So I wore my shoes on my hands and saved them from the rainwater. Yes.
  • I bought a white dress, recently. With red flowers embroidery. Despite the very clear advice to dry clean the dress, I went on to wash it on my own. And the next thing that happened? My dress was bleeding!!

Despite my best effort to stop the bleeding and trying to make amends, I failed. The dress was ruined. In a fit of rage, I poured liquid bleach and soaked the dress overnight. Now the flowers are somewhat light orange, heavily faded, still wearable (I hope), and it has a very minimalist, utilitarian- kind of effect. Me like it.

  • I read online that baking soda, cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder are among the items which are good to remove blackheads and treatment of acne. But it was not mentioned that you should mix all these items into a paste and make your own genius facial treatment. Exactly. I did just that; was crazy enough to mix baking soda AND cinnamon powder and applied them to my face, and then it got me thinking:

-What if my skin started peeling off; or

– What if there are red, sore marks on my face; or

– What if my skin turns brown and looks like a tree bark, similar to a cinnamon stick?

None of the above happened, I still look like me. At least the people around me think so.

But point made: If you have to be a kitchen scientist, please leave your face out of it.

(test them on your partner!)


TGIF everyone.