Short trip to Gold Coast Resort,Morib

A short getaway to the most-recently-upgraded-and-therefore-famous Gold Coast Resort in Morib last week was,to put mildly,rather disastrous and distasteful.

Not that I expected white sand and crystal clear beach (Morib does not qualify as a beach anymore,for that matter), but the resort could seriously do with some training on maintenance and house-keeping.

First of all, we were promised of beach view deluxe suite, but all there were to see was a block of ugly construction site right at entrance to the hotel, and there goes the beach view. Then the check-in itself took extra an hour due to house-keeping delay, and therefore we had fan ourselves in the lobby. Mind you, El Nino really hit us hard over here in Malaysia.

Finally, we entered the room and it was wet, I mean the floor was wet and slippery, evidence of much recent cleaning. We had to switch on the fan and wipe dry the floor with the towels provided (thank you for the towels though).

Fast forward, the jacuzzi was dirty,the toilet was not really clean, the handles in the shower stall were ruined, the cups were dirty and stained, the mini kettle were dusty and looked ancient, the room lacked power sockets (2 table lamps were connected to 1 power socket, I do not know how).

To the theme park. To call it a theme park is seriously misguiding. Like, calling a saucer,say, a tray.


Basically it was the pool area in the vicinity of the resort, located between the hotel blocks. Add a few water slides (with really,really low water pressure,and some not functioning without any reason or explanation) and voila! You have a theme park.

Oh, and the pool water? It was dirty. Filthy. Dirty. With unknown,black,unknown,particles.


The kind management of the hotel offers unlimited entry to the theme park (yes, it’s a package, otherwise you would have to purchase a TICKET to enter the theme park) but we decided to pass the offer and decided to leave early. Once was enough.

Would I recommend the place to anyone?

By the way, the best part of the trip was a lunch/tea break we had in the Banting town, in a restaurant called Chaiwallah. The food was good with reasonable price, and wide variety, but the highlight would be the Ceylonese Tea(with milk). It was DELICIOUS.