I’m sorry but my face and my books do not get along.

Maybe I have mentioned this in any of my previous posts that I am not actually active on any of the famous social networks out there. In fact, on a scale of 1-10, I can’t even give myself a “1” for being active, or for the lack of it. So, naturally (and as we all know, nature is cruel indeed), I always get bombarded with tons of questions for my lack of social antennae, from everyone, nevermind the fact that I have barely known them for less than half a day.

Why is there no book for my face?
Why am I not using that what-is-the-name-of –that app again, on my phone?
How come no birds ever sing my random thoughts to the world?
So how do I communicate to people in general?
How do I keep in touch with the entire universe?
But the biggest (and probably the most nauseating) question is: why am I staying away from all these social media/network?

Well, how about personal space for starters?
What if I choose to stay away from the applications and networks because I do not want the entire galaxy to know where I am and what am I up to every single second?
What if I just want some line drawn between personal space and public life?
What if I choose to stay away because I tried them all and find them too boring and tiring, and I’m too lazy anyway to update my current status every other second?

But of course, people are always afraid of anything that is out of the norm. And do I have a tough time explaining all of the above to everyone around me.

So I just decided to get a little creative with my answers, and though most people find it rather annoying, I have successfully made my point so far to many.

My current favorite ones are:

– I live in a cave, therefore no telephone, what more internet connection in my place.
– I just converted to a new religion which forbids me from having any sort of relationship with anyone online.
– I did create a social network page but they banned me for being absent for a very, very long time.
– I am under witness protection program, so no communication allowed until my next relocation to another cave, as I mentioned earlier.
– Duh, I am already seeing you for 10 hours in the office; you want me to see your face again once I get back home?
– Of course I’m active online; I email, blog, I Google all my recipes, pay my bills online, I watch Youtube, and I shop almost everything at online store. Hah, I bet you don’t do half of that!
– My partner is very possessive, he doesn’t allow me to have any social page on my own (this is the creepiest one and I love to see people’s reaction to this one).
– I already have a wonderful life, thank you very much.

The last comment was a jibe to a cousin who accused me for being very out of touch, and pointedly told me to get a life. The last time I heard any news of her, she was having a terrible time keeping track of her own life due to some complication in her personal life. No offence here (and I did not shout HOORAY), but you told me to get a life when your own is a complete mess? Duh.

So, these are my reasons on my stand when it comes to social media. No, I am not an enemy to the pages and apps there are, in fact I find them great at whatever they are doing. But I do believe that people need to be more respectful to each other when it comes to personal choices and favors, and stop being judgmental on one’s preferences. As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another’s poison. Or is it the other way around?

What do you think of my list? Do you have anything interesting/creepy to add on to my existing list of reasons?