So I had a detoxification…

As the festive season came (and still is continuing till New Year), my food radar went up as well in my house. I was on a long leave a fortnight ago and with all the travelling between my parents and in-law’s place, the food factor was something simply impossible to avoid. Every single day was heavily laden with cookies, full meals, all kinds of cakes and desserts. As I was nearing the end of my holiday and moving back to office, I started a light detoxification program as well.

Ok, so all of the above does not have anything to do with my point today. Detox- yes, food-no.

My whole point today is about the other kind of detoxification, which includes the people around me. But yes, I have reduced my food intake for a while now, but that left me pondering on the idea of toxic people I have in my life. These people are everywhere, at home, in the office, on the road, in the shop I always go, literally, everywhere. While I can’t do anything to them (and I wouldn’t, too), I can though, detox myself from these people.

I used to, no, I still do, have a colleague who is the epitome of toxic in every sense of word. This person (read: no gender mentioned) is constantly at battle with every single person around, nothing is good(enough) for him/her, and the word “positive” does not exist in his/her dictionary.
Despite my best attempts and intentions to be calm and patient in his/her presence, this particular person has no interest on being a better soul even to one’s own self.

So, one fine day, I woke up and said, ENOUGH. (OK, that was a cliché, pardon me)

Yes, I decided that this is the exact detoxification I need at this moment. As much as it hurts to cut out an entire, grown up person from my life, it was totally a necessary action I needed to do for myself. But of course, I had to prepare myself mentally and emotionally to be strong as well, and anticipated some backlashes as well due to my action. It wasn’t easy, but not entirely impossible either. I expected to feel lousy or guilty of my action, but I feel none.

It was such a liberating feeling that I have successfully get myself ridden of this one person who has been such a negative force in my life, and though I never let the person to influence any of my decisions or actions in life, it is hard to have them around, sucking in your good energy and fill you up with dark and destructive thoughts.

Toxic people are very strong people, indeed, I realized. After all, they feed on your good intentions, and no matter how great the news you may have to share, they will have the exact antidote for that.

I do not regret my decision, and in fact, I’m glad that it is over. Luckily, I am not active on any social network either to stay connected with this person, so I don’t have to block/unfriend/unpinch or ungiggle anyone on the net. All I had to do was stop my seeing the person in the cafeteria, and erase the existence of this person from my mind. Phew, that wasn’t hard at all.

I’m clean now. I have had my detoxification.

Have you done anything like this before? Am I being the evil one here?