Confession of my guilty pleasure.

Christmas shopping,birthday shopping,New Year shopping,new job shopping..what??
So it has been shop this and shop that,trip to the mall and stores and do-I-need-to-mention traffic jam along the way.
The thing is,we are plagued by shopping and mad sales all year round,so much that shopping is a festival on its own in this country.
We celebrate so many events and yes,everything needs us to shop more and more.
What am I grumbling about?
I just got myself a lipstick on Christmas eve,as a self proclaimed gift as well as to compensate lack of time to shop for a dress…not that I was in need of both,but still…
Guess I am sort of guilty in some way for joining the mad rush of shopping,hence this confession on my own blog,hoping that none of my family members or friends would ever stumble upon this post.
Now my conscience is clear. 🙂

Oh by the way,it was a MAC, TWIG.
Just in case.